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24 December 2012

Christmas in Bakersfield

I'm not in Bakersfield. It just seemed like a cool title. Anyway, here is a christmas chard for my family.


I hope you all have a beautiful christmas this year. With the worries of the end of the world (as trival and nonsensical as they were) the fact that we continue to live to see another christmas is a gift. So, everyone, have a very merry christmas.

And enjoy the holiday special shows.

03 December 2012


I got some very valuable advice today about exploring different ways to color my characters. So here is an example of me playing with that:

I downloaded a truck load of concept art that went into Team Fortress 2, and I tried to decipher how it was painted. I then explored deeper into other ways to paint my characters, the one on the far right being how I normally do; in my flat graphic kind of way. I gained something really valuable from this experiment, mostly knowledge that I really don't know how to paint at all. But I think I learned something about how to from just doing it. 

This one.. I don't know why I did this. It just asked to be colored. 

Enjoy the show. 

29 November 2012

In the Process of Searching for a Portfolio...

I'm building my portfolio some more today and I was looking for something to put on the cover. I decided that i would look through stuff that I have "laying around" first, and then make up my mind as to if I want to make a new one in the middle of the night.

So here is some stuff:

A rough day

Some character work on my film


Some class mates

Some guy or whatever

Wood elf

Head shapes for the supporting role of my new film

Lead roles of my past films

This dude is next in line

Some more design work for my film

I picture these guys to all be in Gym class together in high school. 

So yea, just a collection of stuff that I may or may not jam into the portfolio. I think I will definitely use the wood elf. I have 2 pages worth of Andy already, so I may not use that one. We'll see where we go from there.


15 November 2012

Sheds and Fences

Sheds and Fences.... Not much anything I can say about that. This is some design work for my new film. There is a shed.... and there are fences.


Enjoy the show. 

14 November 2012

Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

Hey, everyone!

Some of you may know this, and many of you do not, but my student film "WORN" was accepted into HRIFF and won best animated short film of the show. I am really excited that my film will be screened at this festival and I am really, really touched that I was considered for this award.
I'm still freaking out.

The screening of my film takes place on the 4th of December at 3:00 pm at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood at:

7165 West Beverly Blv. Los Angeles, CA 91326

If any of you guys can make it, I would really appreciate the support. There are a lot of screenings going on at this Cinema throughout that week for the festival and it will probably be quite an amazing show. SO please, stop by, say hi, I would love to see all your beautiful faces there.

The award ceremony happens on the 5th at the same cinema, starting at 6 pm. I will, apparently, be walking a red carpet... so that will be frightening.

So.. uh...
Enjoy the show :) If you can make it, again, I would love the support!

08 November 2012

This years film

I'm neck deep into my film this year. I finished my first draft of my boards the other day. I'm gonna show you all... some of them :)

This is only 9 of the 323 boards I have for this film, but I thought you'd all appreciate some of this :)
I.... am..... STOKED!!

Enjoy the show!!!!!

05 November 2012

The work that should be done


Here are some design stuff for you all!


Yea, just some stuff...
Enjoy the show.

23 October 2012


When I was in my first year college, I jumped between focuses. I knew that I wanted to go to CalArts and study animation, so I used that year to build an admittance portfolio. In the process, i studied art, theatre and Greek Myth.

I accent Greek Myth as that was the most interesting thing I studied at Cal State Northridge. I read Ovid's Metamorphoses, which is, like, the story of the birth of the Roman gods and their modern civilization. The book finished before their civilization ended, so... so much for that :)

ANYWAY! I always found Dionysus (in roman Bacchus) to be a lot like the Jim Morrison of the Greek and Roman gods. So, for a character design assignment, we were asked to redesign Bacchus, I took that route...

Get this... drew it in flash. Always wanted to try this method and it looks kinda cool :)

Enjoy the show!

17 October 2012

I am proud.

Honestly... I am.

When it comes to color or background work, I am normally wicked nervous about it and I feel like I am too scared to figure it out. But I did this today to add to my Portfolio, and, to be honest, I'm really proud of it.

The print out comes out darker, though >:(. This is an extension from my 2nd year film, Worn. For those of you who haven't seen it, here is a link:

the password is: sergei

There is a piece I hope to do one day, entitled: The Irishman, Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman, and Australian. It's really just an illustration of the characters I designed for the Crew of the Queen Glory. In any case, this is Lucius (the Irishman) and Kale (the Englishman) on break during the loading process of the ship.

For now, here this is: Enjoy the show.

16 October 2012

It's been a while....

You're looking well. Been keeping busy? Good, I'm glad to hear it. I have a drawing for you. I know you like Pirates, so this is for you:

I miss you :) Enjoy the show.

11 October 2012

And for our next act...

I present to you.. the circus! Feat your eyes on the wonders a hidden world. Prepare yourself for a woman whose most beautiful features are hidden behind a beard. Watch a man set fire to his whole body.... and come out without a single burn. Watch a small Jewish man fight off a lion, and a midget throw an emotionally distressed clown.

Come to my circus...

Enjoy... the show!

03 October 2012

Lets rock the country!

Here are some more punk stuff for my film. I'm currently working on storyboards for it, but right now.... lets rock out, baby!

I'm watching the debate right now. You should be too, ye who live in the states. Enjoy the show.

23 September 2012

This is what i look like

I haven't put up a self portrait in a while. So as of the 23rd of september, I look like this...ish.

This is me. Yo! Enjoy the show.

21 September 2012

Week 1 at CalArts

These are drawings I have been doing at CalArts over the last week. Storyboard thumbnails, mostly gestures, but I also have a design for the main character of my film. Still in progress. He doesn't turn so well...

More to come. Enjoy the picture show.

18 September 2012


My film this year is based off of punk and zombie culture. A punk show brings to life a zombie hoard, after killing all the occupants at the show. it's up to Andy to save the day and slaughter the punk zombie hoard!

Here is the poster. I'm looking for a punk band to write a song for the film. 

RRAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Enjoy the show!

17 September 2012


Hey guys.

I'm now back in school. It's really awesome to be back at calarts and working again. It kinda makes me a little.... teary.....
I love it hear, and after a summer spent away from work, it's time to get back to it.

So here is a drawing i did in Illustration class:

SHARPIE!! My teacher says he might put this on a t-shirt. Enjoy the show. 

03 September 2012

Me, fricken, yow!

I'm currently working on an android app videogame, doing design work and making sprites for the very first time. It's exciting, as it is small stuff, it is the first time I am designing for a videogame. I'm so happy to be doing it.

STOKED! Enjoy the show! Twill be interactive... cus it's a videogame.