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24 February 2011

High School Revisited

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon my old high school yearbook. I thought it would be fun to draw some interesting faces from my graduating class. I also drew my older brother in his longjons:

Enjoy the show.

23 February 2011

The outside world

These are more sketches from my older sketchbook. Most of these are just people I saw at borders:

Enjoy the show.


I found a slightly older sketchbook of mine recently that I felt had some cool drawings in them. So here are some of them:

I will be posting more sketchbook drawings as soon as I get time.
Enjoy the show.

17 February 2011


This is the poster my new film. Its the first pass at it, but as I am already heavily in production on the film, I kind of think that making another poster is kind of at the bottom of the priorities list. Regardless, here it is:
Enjoy the show!

15 February 2011

Oh Rats!

Thats right, I made that stupid joke.
Here are some rats I did in my character design Class. Playing with the side of the pencil.

Enjoy the show. 


This is a late post, as I have missed the holiday. Well, here you go guys:

I talked to a lot of people today who all seemed to share the same opinion of this holiday. For the most part, I am right beside you. The holiday was established to celebrate a saint and somehow it became an overly commercialized holiday about romantic love. Yes, this is indeed strange and rather awful for us single folks who get left out of the picture. 

But, you know what? This holiday is a joke. Celebrating romance I think is kinda wonky. So many of us hate this holiday, but I think its because we aren't looking for the right thing to appreciate. This holiday is about one thing and one thing only:
Any kind of love. I think we are meant to celebrate the idea of being loved. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but also the feeling of loving other because we feel grateful to have them in our lives. Parents, friends, people we can consider loved ones...

My friends, I love you all, and enjoy the Holiday show.