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28 February 2013

About 400 eyes on one piece of paper

In the tale of "Io" in greek myth, Hera created the monster "Argus," a creature that has a thousand eyes all over his body, tasked to watch Io, transformed into a cow, to keep her form continuing an affair with Zeus.

This has nothing to do with the drawings below. I just wanted to sound smart. 

Here are some caricatures!
It's for my story portfolio. Heh heh heh heh heh. 

I'm stoked...

Enjoy the show!!!!!

21 February 2013

Some Insight into the Self

I drew these the other day while I was at work. Most of it is just a bunch of narcissistic drawings of former "looks." 


Hey... I didn't draw that blue guy, there. Who snuck that onto the page... hmm....
Enjoy the show!

13 February 2013

The 14th of February

Greetings, friends, acquaintances, family, strangers, pets and lovers (ha hhhaaaa.....). In a couple of hours, we are ripping off that page in our post-it note calendars that says the 13th and welcoming the dawn of the 14th. 
Valentines day.

I did some drawings for the day, as I really.. really wanted too. Here! Look at them!

If the picture isn't particularly clear, I have a personal opinion of valentines day. Many people find it a "holiday" based off of the idea of selling expensive shit to couples, monopolizing on idea of romantic love. Single folks feel left out and, usually, angry, tending to have negative perceptions of love and valentines day all together. My personal life is convoluted and difficult to explain (so I shant) and when it comes to relationships, I tend to be hopelessly romantic and/or alone. I not very lucky with girls, usually. But I feel that the single people, those without a romantic special someone in their lives, actually get to benefit the most from this holiday. Valentines day is about celebrating love. Eternal and unconstitutional love. We are all lucky to have someone in our lives that loves us, and on this day, on this celebration of love, we should be celebrating love with those people. The constants in our lives that love us eternally. So, on this day, go hug a stranger. Call your parents or your brothers or sisters, and spend it with your friends, and let them know that you love them. We are all seeking love, one way or another, and giving a part of our hearts to anybody is a beautiful thing to cherish and hold every day of our lives. Lets start one day at a time.

All my love, and enjoy the show.