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23 September 2012

This is what i look like

I haven't put up a self portrait in a while. So as of the 23rd of september, I look like this...ish.

This is me. Yo! Enjoy the show.

21 September 2012

Week 1 at CalArts

These are drawings I have been doing at CalArts over the last week. Storyboard thumbnails, mostly gestures, but I also have a design for the main character of my film. Still in progress. He doesn't turn so well...

More to come. Enjoy the picture show.

18 September 2012


My film this year is based off of punk and zombie culture. A punk show brings to life a zombie hoard, after killing all the occupants at the show. it's up to Andy to save the day and slaughter the punk zombie hoard!

Here is the poster. I'm looking for a punk band to write a song for the film. 

RRAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Enjoy the show!

17 September 2012


Hey guys.

I'm now back in school. It's really awesome to be back at calarts and working again. It kinda makes me a little.... teary.....
I love it hear, and after a summer spent away from work, it's time to get back to it.

So here is a drawing i did in Illustration class:

SHARPIE!! My teacher says he might put this on a t-shirt. Enjoy the show. 

03 September 2012

Me, fricken, yow!

I'm currently working on an android app videogame, doing design work and making sprites for the very first time. It's exciting, as it is small stuff, it is the first time I am designing for a videogame. I'm so happy to be doing it.

STOKED! Enjoy the show! Twill be interactive... cus it's a videogame.