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26 November 2014

Maron? or is it?

Hey everyone!

I'm watching Marc Maron on Norm Macdonald Live. I decided I wanted to draw him. My older brother thinks we look alike.

So maybe Marc Maron is me in the future?

Enjoy the show!

21 November 2014


Did a quick sketch today before starting on some work. Thought you'd all enjoy this.

Enjoy the show!

13 November 2014

BANG Girl!

Here is another drawing of a violent girl on roller blades:

I'm having fun with these. Maybe more will come... it's fun!

Enjoy the show!

06 November 2014

Roller Derby

After a short period on Venture Bros I'm now on the market for work. In the meantime, I've been digging back into my love for roller derby deathmatch.
Based off of one my favorite life drawings models, the inspiration for the eventual hopeful project:

Hope you enjoy the show!

24 October 2014


Finding Loot in Destiny in the middle of a Strike. Gotta get in the game!

Enjoy the show!

23 October 2014

The Hunter

I'm a huge fan of Destiny. I play it on the PS4 and my main is a Hunter... this hunter. 

If you play on the PS4, my network name is "Banjolier." Lets battle the Darkness together...

Enjoy the Show!

08 September 2014

Ready for a Fight!

Hey Everyone! 

I had some time to do a drawing of some punk kids. I missed drawing these guys!

Hope you're all well! Enjoy the show!