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24 October 2014


Finding Loot in Destiny in the middle of a Strike. Gotta get in the game!

Enjoy the show!

23 October 2014

The Hunter

I'm a huge fan of Destiny. I play it on the PS4 and my main is a Hunter... this hunter. 

If you play on the PS4, my network name is "Banjolier." Lets battle the Darkness together...

Enjoy the Show!

08 September 2014

Ready for a Fight!

Hey Everyone! 

I had some time to do a drawing of some punk kids. I missed drawing these guys!

Hope you're all well! Enjoy the show!

09 August 2014

Quick Draw

I'm going to a drink and draw tonight. I haven't drawn for fun in a long time since I've been working, so its nice to finally have the opportunity. Here is a quick drawing I did before I left.

All my love guys. Enjoy the Show!

16 July 2014

DC Universe Prt. 3

Here are some more DC characters I redesigned. I start at Titmouse as a story board artist this coming Monday. I am very very excited to start next week. It will be a heck of a lot of fun!


I hope you have all been well! I love you guys. Enjoy the show!

06 June 2014

DC Universe pt. 2

Here are three more DC characters I drew a while back that I am just now getting up to posting:

Captain Marvel (Shazam)
Power Girl!

Red Hood

So far, Power Girl is my favorite of the designs I've done. Hope you enjoy the show!

19 May 2014

The DC Universe Prt 1

Hey guys! For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing drawings of some of my favorite DC characters. It's been just a fun project to do on the side as I look for work. Here are the first four of the collection. I plan to make many, many more. Here you go!
The Flash!
Green Arrow!

Black Adam!


This is just a start. I am free again, so maybe I'll have time to do more. Peace be unto you. Enjoy the show!