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11 April 2014

Last Minute Film

Hey everyone!

So, I decided that I'm gonna make a film this year. Time is against me, however, and that is a challenge I'm excited to take on. A week and a half till it's due, and I'm making a 1:30 film. Bring it on.

To show you that I'm not completely insane, here are some stills from what I have so far.

The story board and animatic are done already, the wonderful Joseph Barlak (who did the sound design for my last film, Night of the Living Bad Brains) will be doing sound design for this film, dialogue will be recorded saturday... I'm cheating a lot of the animation with the After Effects puppet tool, so this should be fairly doable.

Enjoy the show!!

05 March 2014

The Deepest Reaches

Good day, friends!

Here are some drawings I did in a class. our model was wearing a Stitch costume she got for $2 at a garage sale. It was awesome.

Here you go, internet:

I like space things. Enjoy the show.

10 February 2014

The Aftermath

Hey everyone. I did this drawing a while back and I decided I'd finally color it.
Think I can use this for something portfolio related maybe...

And here are some life drawings I did today:

I like drawing. Drawing is fun!
Enjoy the show!

27 January 2014

A fine Level of Class

Hey everyone!
Here is a very silly drawing I did for my banner! The old one was, indeed, very old. So, lets get modern on you folks.

Enjoy the blog and enjoy the show!

21 January 2014

Germany pt1

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long. The winter was busy, as I spent almost all of it in germany visiting family. I have some drawings I did while I was there, scattered about pieces of paper, sketchbooks, notepads and napkins. I had a LOT of excellent food, and I saw a lot of beautiful things. Here are some of the drawings I did while I was there.

I love traveling. The things you see are so spectacular, the people you meet are so interesting and I love being on different soil. I hope you all get the chance to travel often.
Enjoy the show. 

05 January 2014

New Years Card

Hey, guys. Sorry its been so long. I've been in Germany for nearly 3 weeks now. I leave on tuesday in the morning, and I've been fairly busy, so i haven't had time to do much blogging. I have some bar drawings to show you, but that will be for later.

until then, here is a card I made for one of the house keepers here at my Grandmothers. She gave me a hat for christmas, so I drew me snuggled up in it. Its a really warm hat.

I hop you are all having a fantastic new year thus far. I sure am. Enjoy the show!

16 December 2013

From Lady Agatha with Love

I haven't drawn a ridiculously sexy woman in a fairly long time, so I thought I'd give it a go. I decided that i wanted to throw in what she was reading in the back. Anybody wanna guess what it is?

Hope you've all been well. Enjoy the show!