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24 December 2012

Christmas in Bakersfield

I'm not in Bakersfield. It just seemed like a cool title. Anyway, here is a christmas chard for my family.


I hope you all have a beautiful christmas this year. With the worries of the end of the world (as trival and nonsensical as they were) the fact that we continue to live to see another christmas is a gift. So, everyone, have a very merry christmas.

And enjoy the holiday special shows.

03 December 2012


I got some very valuable advice today about exploring different ways to color my characters. So here is an example of me playing with that:

I downloaded a truck load of concept art that went into Team Fortress 2, and I tried to decipher how it was painted. I then explored deeper into other ways to paint my characters, the one on the far right being how I normally do; in my flat graphic kind of way. I gained something really valuable from this experiment, mostly knowledge that I really don't know how to paint at all. But I think I learned something about how to from just doing it. 

This one.. I don't know why I did this. It just asked to be colored. 

Enjoy the show.