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23 October 2012


When I was in my first year college, I jumped between focuses. I knew that I wanted to go to CalArts and study animation, so I used that year to build an admittance portfolio. In the process, i studied art, theatre and Greek Myth.

I accent Greek Myth as that was the most interesting thing I studied at Cal State Northridge. I read Ovid's Metamorphoses, which is, like, the story of the birth of the Roman gods and their modern civilization. The book finished before their civilization ended, so... so much for that :)

ANYWAY! I always found Dionysus (in roman Bacchus) to be a lot like the Jim Morrison of the Greek and Roman gods. So, for a character design assignment, we were asked to redesign Bacchus, I took that route...

Get this... drew it in flash. Always wanted to try this method and it looks kinda cool :)

Enjoy the show!

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