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28 April 2011

Some films just leave you breathless

This a mutual reaction to "Milk Milk Lemonade" when I saw it at the Bytown Cinema back at Ottawa. It was a very well done film that deserves recognition.

Enjoy the show!

24 April 2011

The egg hunt!

My friends, I'd like to wish you a happy Easter Sunday! Today it is kind of cold. A small breeze is coming in from the west and it's rather grey for Easter. There is a giant bowl on my table full of chocolate eggs and gummy "krabby patties." I hope that you all enjoy the eggs, bunnies, christmas carols (cus it has something to do with Jesus) and a wonderful sunday dinner.

For my friends in the real world outside of the United States, I hope Easter Monday is awesome too... even though it's a monday :)

Enjoy the show.

19 April 2011

Luisiana Crock Fest

Film season had beaten me senseless. All the suffering has yielded results I am proud of, and I will have my first screening tonight during story class. Until then, I have some crocodiles I did for character design class. I also have Portal 2 downloading on my laptop. 

Hope you enjoy the show.