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15 November 2013

I Did This Today

I was at Calarts today and I walked into a life drawing class. I haven't done this in a while, and it felt good to draw again:

So that you guys know, the 48 hour film screening is happening tomorrow at Calarts in the palace at 10:00 pm. There will be a lot of great films and the festivities will be stupendous. You all should attend (but dont expect to be spoon fed drinks. you may have to bring your own to give to the film makers.) :) Enjoy the show!

09 November 2013

48 hour films, pre production

Hey, everyone. I am currently locked down on the calarts campus working on a 48 hour film. The topic this year is "duck." I'm living in my friends cube, eating day old Tiki Massala and bagels, and showing in a sink. It's beautiful. I miss doing this. We have almost reached the 24 hour mark and I have slept a total of 4 hours. That's ok, i was planning on sleeping less, but my body wasn't gonna let that fly.

Anywho, here are the designs for the film:

Due to time restraints, the actual animation won't have the quality that the original designs have... but bone it. 48 hours really aint all that long.

Anywho, hope you're all well. I'll post the film when it's done and after the screening has happened. Enjoy the show.