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17 October 2012

I am proud.

Honestly... I am.

When it comes to color or background work, I am normally wicked nervous about it and I feel like I am too scared to figure it out. But I did this today to add to my Portfolio, and, to be honest, I'm really proud of it.

The print out comes out darker, though >:(. This is an extension from my 2nd year film, Worn. For those of you who haven't seen it, here is a link:

the password is: sergei

There is a piece I hope to do one day, entitled: The Irishman, Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman, and Australian. It's really just an illustration of the characters I designed for the Crew of the Queen Glory. In any case, this is Lucius (the Irishman) and Kale (the Englishman) on break during the loading process of the ship.

For now, here this is: Enjoy the show.

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