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29 April 2013

Night of the Living Bad Brains

Hey everyone!

I present to you... the finished product. The fruits of my labour. The lost sock now found....

my film: 

"Night of the Living Bad Brains."

It was a long process, but it has had it's premiere screening at the CalArts open show, and within the next few weeks, it shall screen again at the CalArts Producer show.

I'm really happy that this film has received the buzz that it has so far, and I hope to see it go on the road within this next year.

Hope you all enjoy the show. 

14 April 2013

The night is nigh...

Nuff... said...

Premires at Calarts on the 22nd at the open show. You should come..

Just sayin.

Enjoy the.... show... huh.. This stupid saying I have actually works this time. Heh heh.. nice.

08 April 2013


These are some drawings I did in class today. Our model had these amazing denim cut off shorts. Here they are. Looks kina like an American Apparel advertisement.

Hope you've all been well. I've been locked away working on my film. It's due in two weeks and, I have to say.. its coming along pretty swell.

Enjoy the show.