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29 November 2011

The revolution is at hand

and by that, i mean my hand hurts from painting this propaganda.

this is for my film. Aaron, my main character, is part of the revolutionary party that is planning to overthrow the british rule in 1900s france. It takes place a year before the revolution started.

enjoy the show

24 November 2011

Thank you

Today is thanksgiving. It smells absolutely delicious down the hallway and I can't wait to gobble... gobble... gobble....

I'm actually eating duck this year instead of a turkey, and I won't complain. I feel bad for all the turkeys that butchered on this holiday, but so many animals get butchered regularly, poking accusations on just one day is unfair.

To all ye pilgrims out there, happy thanksgiving. Those who aren't... i'm very sorry.

Give thanks to all the wonderful things in our lives that we take for granted. I love my life, the wonderful people in it, my awesome family and the beautiful lady whom I can't wait to see later tonight (whom I hope can make it!)

Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy the shows (i.e. the Charlie Brown thanksgiving special. Popcorn on thanksgiving? Too good to be true.)

20 November 2011

Hey there, PRILGRIM.....

Here is a character turn of a pilgrim I designed. I call him Petey Conwheel. He plots to kill his roommate, who is a talking turkey whom nobody in his town can see except for Petey.

Enjoy the show!

09 November 2011


and it was brutal. I pitched my film idea to dreamworks (strictly educational purposes, I made no money) and I got some real good feedback. I have a lot of faith in this project and iI feel it will work up to my expectations.

Here is a redesign of one of the characters from my film.
I went though a lot of designs to get to this one, as you can see. I like the effect of putting the sketches behind the finished design :)

Enjoy the show!

04 November 2011

My dear friends...

I've realized something today... I do not make NEARLY as much blog posts as I should be. With all the crazy amounts of work I am doing, school, film and personal, it is downright ridiculous that I am not posting on a regular basis.

So I am setting up a challenge to myself. I need to make at least 1 blog post a week, be it anything from school, film, comic, stupid sketches, etc. I PLAN to keep this up, as it is important to me and I shall do that.. starting RIGHT NOWWWWWW!!!!!

This is a character exploration of the main character of my film, Aaron. His designs started very much uninterestingly and I decided to play with his design and make the character I felt he needed a spice and i think i found it... i'm not fond of his colors now that i think of it.

Enjoy the show!