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29 November 2012

In the Process of Searching for a Portfolio...

I'm building my portfolio some more today and I was looking for something to put on the cover. I decided that i would look through stuff that I have "laying around" first, and then make up my mind as to if I want to make a new one in the middle of the night.

So here is some stuff:

A rough day

Some character work on my film


Some class mates

Some guy or whatever

Wood elf

Head shapes for the supporting role of my new film

Lead roles of my past films

This dude is next in line

Some more design work for my film

I picture these guys to all be in Gym class together in high school. 

So yea, just a collection of stuff that I may or may not jam into the portfolio. I think I will definitely use the wood elf. I have 2 pages worth of Andy already, so I may not use that one. We'll see where we go from there.


15 November 2012

Sheds and Fences

Sheds and Fences.... Not much anything I can say about that. This is some design work for my new film. There is a shed.... and there are fences.


Enjoy the show. 

14 November 2012

Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

Hey, everyone!

Some of you may know this, and many of you do not, but my student film "WORN" was accepted into HRIFF and won best animated short film of the show. I am really excited that my film will be screened at this festival and I am really, really touched that I was considered for this award.
I'm still freaking out.

The screening of my film takes place on the 4th of December at 3:00 pm at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood at:

7165 West Beverly Blv. Los Angeles, CA 91326

If any of you guys can make it, I would really appreciate the support. There are a lot of screenings going on at this Cinema throughout that week for the festival and it will probably be quite an amazing show. SO please, stop by, say hi, I would love to see all your beautiful faces there.

The award ceremony happens on the 5th at the same cinema, starting at 6 pm. I will, apparently, be walking a red carpet... so that will be frightening.

So.. uh...
Enjoy the show :) If you can make it, again, I would love the support!

08 November 2012

This years film

I'm neck deep into my film this year. I finished my first draft of my boards the other day. I'm gonna show you all... some of them :)

This is only 9 of the 323 boards I have for this film, but I thought you'd all appreciate some of this :)
I.... am..... STOKED!!

Enjoy the show!!!!!

05 November 2012

The work that should be done


Here are some design stuff for you all!


Yea, just some stuff...
Enjoy the show.