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26 March 2011

A nerd Moment...

I'm an adamant Team Fortress 2 fan. Whenever I manage to score a break, I take the time to enjoy the slaughter of the some of the most interestingly designed characters I have seen. This is a little panel I made after a long night of getting owned:

Here is a link to the Team Fortress Two Website:

Enjoy the show.

07 March 2011

And this is where it all ended up...

So I was at a creative loss while I was scanning in a scene from my film. I opened up old files I had on the computers at CalArts and i found this one. I stared at it for several minutes thinking about what I was going to do next with it. but then I decided "screw it, I like this the way it is." So.... here it is:

Enjoy the show.