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31 May 2013

Looking Back, Looking Forward...

The other day, I was thinking about the experiences I've had, my accomplishments, my failures, my weird life I have lived (that honestly is about as strange as anybodies, really) and through a conversation I had with a friend about growth, I did a drawing that is somewhat autobiographical. I hope you guys don't mind learning a little bit about my life, cus the fine print is full of my weird adventures with love and money.

I hope you enjoy it:

A little about me.

Enjoy the show. 

06 May 2013



Today is AWESOME. 
The producer show is just around the corner and my film gonna be seen by folks all over the industry. It's pretty awesome. I have some drawings for you guys, as well as the show cards I am showing at the show. Take a LOOOOK!!!

Just wanted to share my life with you a little.
I love you.

Enjoy the show.