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30 April 2012

I survived the Reckoning

Film season has come to an end. My film was screened last saturday at CalArts at the open show. It was 92% finished, however it was received well and people did not make fun of it during the screening. I feel respected, and I feel like I accomplished something huge.
Screening your work and getting the reaction you hoped for makes the massive struggle worth it. I had a great time. I brought my girlfriend to the 12 hour screening so she could see all the films and she had a great time. We all did. I'm very happy right now... and a little at peace.

So now I have to finish the film by may 17th so I can submit it to Ottawa and other festivals. WWWOOOOOOO!!!

Until then, these are some sketches I did while I was in film season. As you can see, It isn't a lot. The film season took up all my time so I couldn't draw leisurely.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy the show.

09 April 2012

Moar Hee-icks

Wanna see what my pervious hickabees look like acleaned?

Hope you like them.
Enjoy the show.

03 April 2012

Lets go Mud racing...

In my character design class yesterday, we were designing the Adams family. I wasn't allowed to because I had to finish another assignment (wwaaaahhh.) It's my fault, I shouldn't have complained.
I had to do a redesign of a charter from "Wacky races." I redesigned the hillbillies.... but i was having so much fun, I just went and drew a couple o billies.

Hope you like em.
Enjoy the show.