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12 July 2012


Here is a drawing of "Baltimore," the main character of the book I am working on. Check it out,
ka BLAM!!!!

Hope you like it!
Enjoy the show.

06 July 2012


My second year film is finally up on Vimeo. Here is the link:


It needs a password to watch it. The password is:


Enjoy the show! (yes, for once it makes sense).

02 July 2012

Citizens of New Adams!

So I'm neck deep into this project. I am doing development and design as of now, while I ponder the story and characters. I have a couple more drawings to show you guys. I want your opinion on what you guys like better:


 or This:

I want a grey tone in it so that I can add another type of shadow. But I find that the black and white reads so much clearer and seems so much more interesting. The grey's mellow out the harshness of the blacks. 

Enjoy the show.