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29 May 2012

It is...


This is my checklist for my film is done. Which means all the scenes are PRETTY! YAY!!!!
Now, time to comp and re edit it all together.

WWWOOOOO!!! Soon... it will be up online! Enjoy the show.

20 May 2012


I applied for an opportunity to exchange with another student in another part of the WORLD!!!! AAHHH!!! Aint that a hoot? Calarts runs an exchange program with Gobelins, an amazing art school in paris, and I was asked to apply. I'm excited to hear back. But, I felt it would be fun to share my portfolio with you guys. No harm in that, right?

 Hope you guys like it!

03 May 2012

This is just cool

A long time ago, i had a dream about this world that looked like the American south after a nuclear attack.  The towns that stood or were build after the destruction of the world is run by anarchist gangs and drug lords. Its a type of punk wasteland. This world has stuck with me as a potential project. So I've been doing designs for it since last year. Here is a concept character for this world: 
More coming soon! I'm excited to work on this world some more. Gives me some Visual Development practice :)

Enjoy the show!

01 May 2012

Theme Music, please....

More memorable then the characters themselves is the theme music. The Addams Family.
Sing it with me:

Ba da da bum *snap *snap

Do you think that a remake of this show would be successful? I sure as sugar would watch it.
Enjoy the show.