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24 October 2013

Boards from HELL!

Hey everyone. I'm just eating some stale tortilla chips watching "My Name is Earl." I'm trying to get a story portfolio together, whilst I am swarmed with a crap ton of other stuff on a gnarly list of things that I need to get done.
I wanna show you guys some rough, 1st pass boards from a project I'm working on for my portfolio. I'ma save giving away the story for when the boards are complete.
Here are a couple:

I think these aren't too bad for a first pass, so I'm excited to see it blossom a tad more. Hope you're all well.
I love you.

Enjoy the show!

08 October 2013

From Hell with Love

YO! I'm working on a character design portfolio for the heck of it and I did some work on these demon folks. 

DEMONS!!! I love you guys. Enjoy the show.

02 October 2013

Classroom Sketches

Do you guys remember being in High school and drawing in class when you weren't supposed to? That what I'm doing in community college. Deja friggen vu.

Ok, i lied. Some of this is from a class, the other is from a night in hollywood.
AAAANNNYYWWAAYYSSS.... enjoy the show.