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12 August 2012

It all comes together

Hey everyone.
For those of you that have been keeping up with me and this blog, you all know about the Graphic novel I am working on. All my posts have been related to that, as of late, as it is something that is BLOWING MY MIND! I am LOVING this. It is fun.
Recently, I finished the first draft of the script for book 1 of the series. I have asked some friends to read it to give me constructive criticism and I look INCREDIBLY forward to hearing back from everyone. So in the meantime, I have continued to explore the design aspect of this world. Here is a character lineup of a gang of delinquents in the first book.

Today,  I went to an art store and bought supplies so that I can test out if I would like to do the book the OLD SCHOOL way. More on that in the while.
Until then, I'm sorry for the CAPs. I'm excited. 
And Enjoy the show!

07 August 2012

World Design

Yodelei. I've jumped into doing some environmental design as of late, as it is a weak point of mine. So here is a deserted town. I like to start with a map of the area that I am designing, so that I can figure out where my character is going and how I can organize my shots. Then I do some thumbnails of some shots and then jump into the actual finished drawing you see before you. HOORAH!!!

I hope is informative, interesting or just kinda nifty to look at. Thanks yo.
Enjoy the show.