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24 November 2011

Thank you

Today is thanksgiving. It smells absolutely delicious down the hallway and I can't wait to gobble... gobble... gobble....

I'm actually eating duck this year instead of a turkey, and I won't complain. I feel bad for all the turkeys that butchered on this holiday, but so many animals get butchered regularly, poking accusations on just one day is unfair.

To all ye pilgrims out there, happy thanksgiving. Those who aren't... i'm very sorry.

Give thanks to all the wonderful things in our lives that we take for granted. I love my life, the wonderful people in it, my awesome family and the beautiful lady whom I can't wait to see later tonight (whom I hope can make it!)

Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy the shows (i.e. the Charlie Brown thanksgiving special. Popcorn on thanksgiving? Too good to be true.)

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