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18 October 2011

Whats your preference?

For my next film, this guy is my main character. I guess a little on his is that he was raised an orphan as his father abandoned him at a young age and the film follows his pursuit of his father... in a way...

So i'm trying to fight a visual style for this film. Both here have qualities that I absolutely love, but I can't decide which one I am more attracted to......

Friends, what do you like?

ps. Enjoy the show :)


  1. Hey Cousine! miss u bro! i think both are great, but In my opinion the one on the right side has more contrast, is a little bit more "dramatic" hahha. But on the other hand eliminates some minor details that i like, also creates the illusion of "global illumination" and "ambient occlusion" effects, so for me i would go with the left one! Thanks Abracos

  2. i like the left one more if it's going to be a film about an orphan pursuing his father.
    love the design! and the long arms