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11 October 2011


Hey der. 'Ows it goin, aye? Just a cupple o' weeks ago, I was in da great city ov Ottawa in Ontario Canada. I was der for the Ottawa International Animation Festival, in which I was volunteering. I freakin' love Canada, and the festival was really fun. I got to see a whole lot of really awesome films while I was there, and I made aboot 60 dollars worth of coins on teh street playin banjo. It was a hoot, aye. I spent most of my free time playing on the street, but when I got the chance, I did some drawings:

Yesterday was thanksgiving for the Canadians, so I wish you all a great one (or wish that you all HAD a great one) and enjoy the show (as I am sure there are several going on at least at this particular moment).

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  1. Sooooo coool!! Next year hopefully Paul and I can join you!