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31 December 2010

New Year Royalty

Greetings! The new year is a couple of hours away. I managed to finish this portrait of some Royal bunghole before the year began. I have been working on this guy since Christmas. Everyone, I would like to wish you all a wonderful new year and I hope that the new decade will bring many new and exciting things (that hopefully won't bring upon humanities downfall). 

Enjoy the show! In this case, the ball drop and the fireworks and so forth. 

28 December 2010

Nothing Better to Do

As I am recovering from tonsillitis, I have a lot of free time to do nothing useful of the sort at all. Just today, I did a few funky drawings that I actually took some joy in, one of them being what I have posted here. It's really just an experiment with shape in design. It's very simple, but a lot of fun to play with. 
Enjoy the show!

20 December 2010

The Great Hounds of America

These rather elegant creatures are the hounds of the United States of our great nation. I wrote the names of the person caricatured next to the dog, so you should be able to tell who I am dogifying.

Enjoy the show!


This was a film I made at Innercity Arts in 2009 as part of the CAP program. Originally, I was in pre production on a completely different, much more serious film. Somehow, I wound up doing this instead and I am pretty proud that I did. I would have gone absolutely bonkers trying to make my other film idea. 

Enjoy the show!

Take a look in the mirror! Oh my god, is that a BOOGER?!

My color and design class asked us to do a bunch of self portraits. Being the full hearted narcissist I am, drawing myself several times over is not much of a chore. It was a fun assignment and I hope you get a kick out of looking up my nose.

Enjoy the show!

Nerds and Monsters

These were an assignment for my Character Design class. We had to redesign Randall from Monsters Inc.  as a human and give him a sidekick. This was my swing at it.

Enjoy the show!

19 December 2010

48 Hour Marathon

Some devine idiocy convinced me to make a film for this years 48 hour challenge at CalArts. I'm glad I did, as I was given the "Most Spirited Award," a kind gesture of public humiliation from my friends in my department. I won a "UP" bag signed by Pixar dopplegangers for my insanity. It's a wonderful memory and next year, I plan to do it again :)
Enjoy the show!

I communicate with Inanimate Objects

Sorry to startle you, but yes I am indeed crazy. This film was made in 2009 at Innerecity Arts while I was a student at the Community Arts Partnership Outreach program. I was a student in high school. 

Enjoy the Show!

Arabian Nights

This was an assignment for my Character Design class. I redesigned the sultan from Aladdin hoping to make him seem much more authoritative and still be a bouncing buffoon. The other character is the king of thieves.

Enjoy the show.

Goofy Walking Tub of Water

This is a Walk cycle I did in my 2D Animation class. First time playing in Flash and I had so much fun. This is kind of bad, actually, but I hope you giggle a little at it anyway.
I hope you can loop it. If not, then just keep your mouse on the play button and keep clicking. It's only 20 frames long.
Enjoy the show.

Strangeness exists all around us

These are from the first two weeks of my Color and Design Class. The first ink drawing is of a Rock that looked very much like a sponge.
These two were from a picture taken from national Geographic. Both are painted. 

Enjoy the show.

And then the Camera Exploded

Currently this winter season, I am working with some old friends of mine form my old college in making an independent film. It is a VERY beautiful story that was originally a short story written for a class. I got the opportunity to meet with the original writer of the story (after making a complete fool of myself and asking her what part she played in the production. I am leaving a link to their Facebook page on this post. 

I have been doing drawings for them, which I think I will post later on after production is complete. However, I made this during shooting yesterday that the crew loved and I felt like sharing with you guys. 
I think if you click on it, it may zoom in? I actually don't know. Still figuring this out.
Enjoy the show.

Welcome to my Blog

Hello everyone. This is my first post to my new art blog (YAY!!!!). My name is Benjamin, for those of you who may stumble upon this by some strange chance, and I am a Character Animation student at CalArts. I am really excited to get my stuff out there and start being involved in the art and animation community. I have made several films and I have done some professional work.
Thats enough self indulgence for one post. In the next couple of weeks or so, I will be updating this bad boy like a mad man, trying to get my films and my most recent work onto this page. If you come here before anything is really up, please do come back in a couple of days and take a look at the new stuff I am scrambling onto my blog.
So have a happy holiday season and enjoy the show.

-Benjamin P. Carow