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19 December 2010

Welcome to my Blog

Hello everyone. This is my first post to my new art blog (YAY!!!!). My name is Benjamin, for those of you who may stumble upon this by some strange chance, and I am a Character Animation student at CalArts. I am really excited to get my stuff out there and start being involved in the art and animation community. I have made several films and I have done some professional work.
Thats enough self indulgence for one post. In the next couple of weeks or so, I will be updating this bad boy like a mad man, trying to get my films and my most recent work onto this page. If you come here before anything is really up, please do come back in a couple of days and take a look at the new stuff I am scrambling onto my blog.
So have a happy holiday season and enjoy the show.

-Benjamin P. Carow

1 comment:

  1. Ben, your the best artist I know. Your also one of best guys I've ever met. dont change my friend.