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28 June 2012

Out Here...

Hey everyone! So, it's been a very, very, incredibly long time since I have updated this blog. For those that care, I am terribly sorry. Life's been busy, you know? With all the stresses of life, building portfolios, being rejected from opportunities, becoming jobless... life can be a stressful bloody nightmare. But I stand strong. I have been working on a project that I am really excited for that i plan to pitch to a video game company one of these days, so i'm building a design portfolio based off of the idea. Right now, I am making it into a graphic novel (or at least thats the plan.) I have mentioned the punk wasteland before, so here is a drawing for it. It is my first pass at a cover for the first book.

I will keep you informed on the progression of tis project. I hope you guys like what you see, Until next time...
Enjoy the show. 

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