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30 April 2012

I survived the Reckoning

Film season has come to an end. My film was screened last saturday at CalArts at the open show. It was 92% finished, however it was received well and people did not make fun of it during the screening. I feel respected, and I feel like I accomplished something huge.
Screening your work and getting the reaction you hoped for makes the massive struggle worth it. I had a great time. I brought my girlfriend to the 12 hour screening so she could see all the films and she had a great time. We all did. I'm very happy right now... and a little at peace.

So now I have to finish the film by may 17th so I can submit it to Ottawa and other festivals. WWWOOOOOOO!!!

Until then, these are some sketches I did while I was in film season. As you can see, It isn't a lot. The film season took up all my time so I couldn't draw leisurely.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy the show.

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