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12 September 2011

My Summer Spent

Today was the first day of my second semester at CalArts. I can hear the crowd in my head applauding, as it still feels just as awesome to be here as it was the first time I was here after being accepted. I met some of the new first years, whom all have a slight look of utter fear in their eyes, but the sense of excitement brewing in their bowls (i can smell it).

It started with the reuniting of an acquaintance of mine. A pretty lady whom I have fallen head over heals with over the course of a few weeks, leading up to a summer of soft kisses, long nights, gentle touches and sweet nothings. I then spent the summer working downtown as a teacher for the CAP Program. On a bus ride home, I came up with the complicated story that will be my 2nd year film. I wrote the story after my job ended I then started storyboarding. I began working for a Drivers permit, which I got on my first try after my job ended. I went on a vacation with my girlfriend to San Diego, and when I came home, I took my driving test and passed. My summer was well spent....

Over the space of this break, I drew a lot. I have a sketchbook full of drawings that i am excited to share with you all. These are the LAST drawings I did over the summer... as i only have one sketchbook with me at the moment. Check check check it oouuutttttt:

Tomorrow, I'll post some more.... once i get to use the scanner at school again, because the ones I have at home can't handle this immense collection of AWESOMENESSSSSS!!!!

Enjoy the show!

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